Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to Unlock LG L70 by unlock code from any network World Wide

LG L70 Unlocking Instructions Guide:
1. Insert a non-accepted Sim card
2. Phone will ask for a “Sim Network Unlock Pin”
3. Enter the 16 digit Unlock Code emailed to you
. Your Phone is now unlocked!!

If the phone does not as for the unlocking code follow the instructions below:
1. Switch your phone on with no SIM card or non-accepted SIM card (try both options).
2. Press the call button or go to the dial screen.
3. As if making a call dial 2945#*320# (if this does not work please try on of the combination below)
4. Select Network lock or Service Provider lock.
5. Enter the unlock code.
6. Click Done.
7. Click Unlock.

As there are several variants of LG L70 if you don't know which model you have you will have to try all the combinations below:
Unlock LG L70 D320 you must dial 2945#*320#
Unlock LG L70 D321 you must dial 2945#*321#
Unlock LG L70 D325 Dual SIM Card you must dial 2945#*325#
Unlock LG L70 MS323 you must dial 2945#*323#

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